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Alfie’s early arrival

Inter-hospital transfer, Tamworth

There is nothing that compares to holding your newborn for the first time. It’s a moment of joy, relief, exhaustion and a little trepidation. For parents Daniel and Brookie, it was an emotional ordeal and if not for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter, it might not have come at all.

Baby Alfred was born just a few minutes before his twin sister and about seven weeks earlier than expected.

For twelve hours the medical team in Tamworth did what they could to help. Being unable to diagnose the problem, little Alfie was transported to the John Hunter Children’s Hospital by the Neonatal Emergency Transport Service (NETS), on-board the Westpac Rescue Helicopter.

“Those men and women on board the Rescue Helicopter work tirelessly to save people’s lives. For a baby who was only 15 hours old to have such an incredible team caring for him was an indescribable feeling. Without them being as great as they are at their jobs, the outcome might have been really different for Alfie,” said Daniel.