Rescue Stories

View the real life, inspiring stories of our past patients and those who fly on board.


Chevy’s Holiday Rescue

It was a much-anticipated coastal getaway for the Mirtschin family from Lithgow as they holidayed


Surfing Accident

Redhead Rescue

For seventeen year old Beauyn Crew, a late afternoon surf with a mate at Redhead

Dr Rob’s Story

‘It’s hard to imagine a person that hasn’t been touched by the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service.'
Dirt Bike Accident

Winch rescue for rider

A weekend ride with mates took a horrific turn for Derek when he collided with a utility on a blind corner.
Gymnastics Accident

Aimee’s Resilience

A freak accident at gymnastics training left Aimee paralysed and in need of critical medical care.
Inter Hospital Transfer

Every minute matters

A gas leak and fiery explosion at his workplace left Scott with severe burns and in need of rescue.
Medical episode

The littlest battler

Baby Christopher spent four of his first five months in hospital due to a rare medical condition.
Agriculture Incident

Near fatal horse kick

It was a regular day at work for Martin until a foal he was working with delivered a near fatal kick to his head.
Motor Vehicle Accident

Kirsty’s story

A tragic head on motor vehicle left Kirsty widowed and fighting for her life.
Skydiving Accident

Skydive goes wrong

Casey's birthday gift... a tandem skydive from 14,000 ft nearly ended in tragedy.
Motorcycle Accident

Kiarna’s remote rescue

A motorbike accident on her family's rural property left Kiarna in need of critical medical care.
Medical episode

One family, two flights

The Rescue Helicopter comes to the aid of one family for two separate incidents
Inter Hospital Transfer

Two flights for Maggie

Sixteen year old Maggie nearly lost her life to Influenza complications.
Inter Hospital Transfer

Rosalynd’s heroes

Rosalynd admired the Rescue Helicopters from below, until an aneurysm triggered a life saving mission
Search & Rescue

Lost at Sea

Two spearfishermen are lost at sea, great white sharks circling below. The Westpac Rescue Helicopter is their only hope.
Motor Vehicle Accident

Kristyn’s flight for life

Kristyn sustained life threatening injuries in a horrific motorway accident that almost cost her life.
Surfing Accident

Surf side rescue

Surfing at his favourite break, Aymon hit a sandbar and pinched his spinal cord. One wrong move could have proved deadly.
Inter Hospital Transfer

Alfie’s early arrival

Born prematurely, baby Alfie was separated from his twin and transported in the helicopter to specialist medical care.
Motorcycle Accident

Sound of angel’s wings

The Rescue Helicopter came to Paul's aid after a serious motorcycle accident on a deserted road.
Work Place Accident

Trapped Underground

A coal mine collapse left Laurie trapped underground with life threatening injuries.
Inter Hospital Transfer

Millie’s Story

Eight year old Millie nearly lost her life to Influenza B. The rapid response of the Rescue Helicopter connected Millie with the lifesaving treatment she needed.
If you or a loved one have been assisted by the Rescue Helicopter, we would love to hear from you. By connecting with our Service you will be invited to join us at special base events, meet the crew and view the helicopter under nicer circumstances. Share your story