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Business Partnerships

Our Service takes a unique approach to Business Partnership, seeking to keep all partners engaged in our operations are at the forefront of our story.

Partnership Benefits

While our charity relies on the support of our partners, we’re also committed to understanding your objectives and tailoring a partnership to suit. The benefits of partnering with our Service can include:

  • Knowing that your business is part of every life-saving mission 24-7
  • Building staff engagement and morale
  • Strengthening your connection with your local community
  • Creating business relationships, including hosting your own unique hospitality and networking opportunities or by attending our business and community events
  • Building your brand as a socially responsible organisation
Start your partnership

A business partnership can be formed in a range of tailored formats, including:

  • Cash or in-kind Sponsorship of Operations – Including Aircraft Logo Rights
  • Event Sponsorships
  • Capital purchase recognition programs
  • In-kind donations of products and services
  • Corporate Volunteering programs
  • Workplace Giving including company matching

Our partners and sponsors are entitled to a range benefits, all of which can be tailored so we look forward to exploring your goals. Please enquire by calling 1800 155 155 or by using the form on this page.