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Lost at Sea

Lost at sea, Tweed Heads

It has all the makings of a thrilling Hollywood movie, but for two men spearfishing off the north coast, it was a terrifying reality. Trevor and Dylan were diving at Nine Mile Reef just off Tweed Heads when a strong current saw the driver of their boat lose contact with them.

The two men were drifting at a speed of five knots (just over nine kilometres per hour), only to realise they had another fear to deal with.

Three large Great White Sharks had begun circling beneath them.

After more than an hour of swimming they began to hear the sound of helicopters in the distance. “I watched with relief as the flight paramedic was winched into the ocean and secured Dylan into his harness before winching him to safety. I kept my face mask on, repeatedly looking down below for sharks and then it was my turn to be winched.”

“The crew took exceptional care of us and I truly hope they know how important their jobs are.”