oOh! What A Gesture With Westpac Here To Help!

13th, May, 2020

A remarkable partnership between oOh!media and Westpac will serve as a timely reminder that the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service remains focussed on providing lifesaving aeromedical support to communities across Northern NSW during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Australia’s national leader in out of home outdoor advertising, oOh!media, has joined forces with Westpac to provide advertising space on a total of twenty (20) roadside billboards across the Westpac Rescue Helicopter’s service area in Northern NSW to reassure communities of the Service’s presence for those most in need.

‘We are proud to be supporting the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service and the dedicated team who do so much great work helping the community and keeping people safe, especially at challenging times such as these,’ oOh!media’s Newcastle Business Manager Cassandra Agnew said.

‘Providing these billboards will help the Service extend its messaging across the local region, reaching large numbers of the public and helping raise awareness of its vital role, as well as supporting fundraising activities.’

oOh!media initiated discussions with the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service with regard to an opportunity utilising large format roadside signage, to assure communities in its service area that the world class aeromedical support would continue throughout the current crisis.

The next step for Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service CEO Richard Jones OAM was to enlist the support of Naming Rights Partner Westpac, whose current catch cry is ‘We’re Here To Help’.

‘We knew that community confidence across Northern NSW was low as a result of the pandemic, so we wanted to look at how we could reassure communities and create some positive messaging during this time,’ Jones said.

‘It was at this point that we contacted Westpac and gave them an overview of what was being proposed and they immediately put their support behind the project, agreeing to fund the billboards.’

‘Westpac saw it as an amazing opportunity to reassure communities across Northern NSW that they are ‘here to help’, both with their ongoing partnership with the Service in this region but also with this opportunity to ensure that the message that vital aeromedical services will continue despite the hardships we are all facing,’ Jones said.

The initiative is one that the Service believes will provide some relief and peace of mind, particularly to those in regional areas, where prompt access to quality medical support and specialist services can literally be a matter of life and death.

‘This will provide great comfort to communities in Northern NSW at this time, knowing that our focus remains on the provision of lifesaving aeromedical support, 24-7, to those most in need,’ Jones said.

‘It provides such a positive message, that despite the unprecedented position we all find ourselves in, there are still some things that people can rely on and I’d like to sincerely thank oOh!media and Westpac for joining us in this initiative,’ Jones concluded.

Media Contacts:
Richard Jones OAM, Chief Executive Officer, Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service Mb 0419 261 877
Julian Elliott, Lighthouse Communications (for oOh!media) Mb 0425 840 071

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